Pay Tuition


Because we are a parent cooperative, parents share responsibilities for maintaining and managing the school. This approach allows us to keep our tuition and fees low, making the quality education we offer access to many more families in our community. Preschool fees vary, depending upon the number of days per week that a child attends and the number of children per family attending.  Families with more than one child attending pay full tuition for the first child, and discounted tuition for each additional child (see below).

Monthly Tuition (Preschool)

Families with one child attending:

2 days per week: $160

3 days per week: $240

5 days per week: $400

Families with two children attending: One-half tuition for a second child

Families with three children attending: One-quarter tuition for a third child

Families with four children attending: One-eighth tuition for a fourth child

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Non-Refundable Registration

In addition to monthly tuition, each family is responsible for the following fees and fundraising amounts (for additional information on fundraising at WPNS, click here):

Registration fee (new families): $30

Registration fee (returning families): $15

Fundraising: $200 per semester, for a total of $400 per year