Parent Participation

COOPERATIVE means working together. We work with one another to provide a great nursery school experience for our children, a learning experience for ourselves, and service to our director and the community.

The parent nursery school is a place where the whole family learns together. This is a family-centered school rather than a child-centered school. A varied program for both parents and children is possible because:

  • Many individuals participate in the planning.
  • Every adult and child has a unique and valuable contribution to make.
  • Fresh approaches are possible.
  • Each person may contribute what he/she feels most comfortable and competent in doing.
  • Each member of the school has a responsibility for working in and administering the school.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Participate in the classroom
  • Provide assistance with a school job (i.e. help with the school newsletter, purchasing of school materials or possibly serving on our Board of Directors)
  • Providing assistance with our major fundraiser. (i.e. ticket sales, donations, and event committee work)
  • Two work parties per year
  • Meetings (there is a mandatory meeting once a month)
  • Fundraising
  • Weekend Maintenance
  • Service project
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