Meet the Board

President: Veronica Messer

Vice Presidents: Emily MacDonald Ramirez

My name is Emily MacDonald and I’m the mother of two wonderful girls ages three and one.  I attended a parent participation preschool as a child and decided to enroll my older daughter in WPNS.  Becoming part of WPNS has introduced me to a wonderful group of parents and alumni who care about the school, in addition to meeting members of the community interested in supporting the school.  I am grateful for this opportunity to serve and love being part of Woodland Parent Nursery School.

Treasurer: Melissa Shelton-Biscardi

Secretary: Theresa Taylor

I am Theresa.  I have a 4 year old daughter at WPNS and two teenage stepsons.  I grew up in Woodland, spent 20 years in southern CA and have recently returned to make this my home again.  In one short year my family has developed a deep connection to this school, the kids and our peer parents.  I am excited to have the opportunity to  be a part of this board and to be a part of the decisions that will make this school flourish for the next preschool generation.

Membership: Alicia Foster

Maintenance: Erin Toby

My name is Erin Toby, my daughter Kaitlyn is a student at WPNS. I have an AA in Child Development and a Bachelors in  Social Science. I was also a preschool teacher for 17 years.

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