Meet the Board

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President: Donita Escamilla

Co-Vice Presidents: Monique Richey and Mari Penley

Treasurer: Carol Barnett

Carol BarnettCarol has been a WPNS member since 2001, and serves as the school’s bookkeeper. She was the treasurer during the years that her daughter, who is currently in college, attended the preschool program, and was asked to return to the position a year later. In addition to WPNS, she is the current or past treasurer for several other local non-profit organizations, including the WPNS Alumni Association. When not playing with numbers, Carol plays with yarn. She almost always has at least one knitting project on the needles.

Participation: Katie Gonzalez

Secretary: Naomi and Tommy Ondrasek

Naomi Ondrasek

Naomi is a self-proclaimed “nerd” who turned a life-long obsession with nature into a career as a biologist. After a joyful year spent juggling the responsibilities of being both a stay-at-home mother and a scientist, she will be starting a new adventure as a science policy fellow in the California state capitol in the fall of 2017. Her hobbies include dance parties with her children and playing the ukulele.

Tommy Ondrasek

Tommy is Naomi’s husband and a certified flight instructor, former aviation electrician for the Navy, and a lover of all things aviation. When he’s not spending time with his family or flying, you can find him pursuing some of his other interests, like playing guitar, cooking, practicing hapkido, astronomy, looking at maps, and hiking. The Ondraseks have been a part of the WPNS family since 2015.

Membership: Veronica Messer

Parent Education: Caroline Thompson

Maintenance: Jacob Kitada




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