Parents and their children learning together

Parents learn about child growth and development while providing a nursery school learning experience for their children. Parents participate in the morning program on a rotating basis and attend an evening class one Tuesday of every month. Preschool classes are small and have a 5:1 ratio of children to adults throughout the year.

A play-based approach to learning

We promote:

  • Self-confidence
  • Awareness of others
  • Positive expression of emotion and needs

We try:

  • Cooperation
  • Sharing
  • Turn Taking
  • Problem Solving

We learn through:

  • Messy Art
  • Dramatic Play
  • Favorite Stories
  • Puzzles and Blocks
  • Textures (playdough, gloop, etc.)
  • Music, Songs, and Fingerplays
  • Outdoor Play
  • Water and Sand Play
  • Making New Friends

Through these building blocks, children are introduced to colors, shapes, letters, sounds, measuring, counting, patterns, and rhythm — all preparation for kindergarten.