Summer Camp 2021

Wednesday July 07, 2021

Dear WPNS children and grownups,

After morning meeting, I sat and read on a mat under a tree about a spider who loved someone smaller than her. Others thought she needed someone big, but she knew the smaller one, despite their size, was brave and just. While I read, others meandered or zoomed or zigzagged by in cars and buses and on foot. I paused in the reading to say hello, hoping they might stay, but they kept going. Sometimes before I could even get the hello out of my mouth, I was already saying goodbye. And before I could get to the next page, I was already missing them.

In the midst of all this traffic, someone popped by with a pancake. This pancake was the best pancake I’d ever tasted in my whole life. I had to have the recipe. Eggs, oil and syrup. Delicious! With a good book and a pancake, I almost forgot how much I missed them until I remembered again.

To distract myself, I decided I would like to try and make one of these delicious pancakes. Instead, I needed to hold the baby to keep it safe while a friend did the cooking. I did get the ingredients though. This pancake had salt, pepper, and tea leaves. We cut it into small pieces for the baby to eat.

Soon the kitchen was bustling. Soup was on the stove and chocolate muffins were in the oven. The spider made it out of the book to slowly walk over to hunt for a missing spoon and peanut butter sandwich. She walked so slow because it turns out it takes a lot of strength to hold a big body with spindly legs even if they’re eight of them. A smaller much speedier spider kept tapping her on the back to encourage her to keep going. It was worth it in the end. Eight legs are wonderful for devouring eight grapes faster then you can say arachnid.


Teacher Michelle

Tuesday July 06, 2021

Dear WPNS Children and Grownups,

Today is the day of the owl and the water way. The owl soared through the night sky when all of the school was quiet. Nothing moved except the leaves shivered a little in the night winds. She called for her friend, but he didn’t answer. He was home tucked in bed sound asleep. It was a long sad call. The raccoons climbed the tree. The one we watered today with the water from our restaurant, the one with $10,000 blueberries and free blueberry pie.

They climbed the tree to sit with the owl while she waited for her friend to arrive, and the owl felt happy when she saw him though very sleepy. She snuggled down in his arms and watched as many hands laid a water way. You use the rain gutters and lay them end to end to end, attaching the first beneath the last of the ones in the chute. Each one has to go under the one that came before so that the water will flow. Then you dig a big hole at the bottom of the last one. Then you test it by spraying water from the hose at the top of the chute.

Uh oh. It’s stopping there in the middle, and it’s coming out between two, there, where the water way starts to go uphill. Then we must dig away some sand to make it lower and test again. Well, it did go down the next section, but it’s stopped again. Time to dig some more and test again. Not quite yet. Dig some more. And once more I think.

It worked! It made it all the way down to the bottom. Now, someone else starts working on piling up the sand to block the water from coming out the side. The block became a dam, and higher up, it’s pouring from the side. It’s making it’s own zig zag way through the sand. Turns out the wet sand and all the interesting things we find in the sand make beautiful sand castles.

Thank you for the magical day!


Teacher Michelle

Monday July 05, 2021

Dear WPNS children and grown-ups,

Today, the brown cow butted its head into the sand and didn’t think anyone could see it at all even though it’s rear end was hanging out there in the air plain as day. Baby giraffe’s neck is so long that no matter how high we piled the sand or how deep the hole we dug, we could not cover baby giraffe from bottom to top or from top to bottom to really be hidden. Someone solved the problem. They told baby giraffe, “Lay on your side.” Then all of the animals started disappearing. One minute I could see an animal and the next it was gone.

It seemed as if you could magically became whatever the animal it was that you were holding. If you were holding the cow with horns, You grew your own horns and butted others. If you were holding the dinosaur, you roared. There was an issue though. No one else seemed to know when you were trying to play. It seemed like it could be fun to play this game.

I love being knocked over if I’m ready for it or to play scary safe games when I know you’ll stop if it gets too scary or if I just need a break. Also, I might have some grand plan in my head and be really surprised and maybe a little angry if a bull comes charging through and messes up my plan. I definitely love being invited into a game. If you’re going to touch me or something I made, ask first.

I saw how patient everyone could be and how much you know about playing. Know you can use these skills to teach and remind those of us who maybe don’t know or are having a hard time or forget to ask. I hope you will remind me if I do. We all love to play and to keep the play going. If we don’t, it’s because we can’t. Not yet.

Hey! Has anyone seen that mama giraffe? She is super good at hiding.

Thank you for a wonderful first day!


Teacher Michelle

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