Latest News

In mid-June, we gathered together at the WJUSD trustee meeting to take a stand for our school, for whole family education, and for our community at large.  So many people showed up, spoke, wrote, called, and offered support.

A week later, we received a phone call from the superintendent that they will revise our MOU with WAE for 1 year. This will give us time to tackle the tasks to run as an independent preschool rather than an Adult Ed program and continue to serve our community! We will absolutely continue to focus on whole family education and support. It’s at the heart of what we do.

We’re not totally out of the woods yet, but it’s a step in the right direction!

  • We need to make sure they come up with a workable MOU.  This will involve lawyers, insurance, budget, and other experts. The trustees also need to vote to approve the revised MOU.
    • We plan on attending the WJUSD trustee meeting on July 28th.  That’s a potential date where the trustees vote on the revised MOU.  
    • (We are NOT planning on attending the June 30th meeting)
  • Help get the word out that we’re still enrolling for Fall! 
    • Pass along the link to our website for enrollment info.
    • No matter what happens, we are committed to providing quality care for the whole family.  Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to experience the magic of WPNS!
  • We are starting the process now to run independent of WJUSD.  This is an opportunity to make our site better than ever. Any help you can provide on this is greatly appreciated!  
    • We have a work party scheduled for Saturday, July 9th at 8am.  All are invited!
    • There are lots of projects, big and small!  If you’ve got extra supplies, materials, funds, or time to help us get ready, we’d love to have your help!  We’ll send out a list as we get closer. 
    • (Let us know if you can join so we can have enough refreshments for everyone)
    • Can’t attend? Consider making a donation to WPNS.

This was such a stressful and unexpected few weeks!  The silver lining was the opportunity to connect with new and long-time WPNS families.  We definitely feel the love and support.  We are so grateful for you all!  

If you have any questions or ideas, please let us know!

Thanks again, family!